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Joseph Campbell w/Bill Moyers – The Power of Myth

Some thought for food…

The Power of Myth (Joseph Campbell)


Rage Against the Machine

Anna Deavere Smith

Conversations with Studs Terkel

A People’s History of The United States (Howard Zinn)

Some vibes…

This just what I Need….(for inspiration that is)

This Is just What I Need for Inspiration (Twilight Zone)

Where Is Everybody?


Class among the Nacirema…mmmm, interesting…

Of course there is Nacirema music…hip-hop that is

A Nacirema Bandcamp page I found…(Hip-Hop)…might be e a dope addition to the show.

Body Ritual Among the Nacirema

Interesting read on the Native American “Nacirema.” Here is the PDF version.