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GAIA and Visions of Peace

GAIA is an event I was involved with some time ago and a great inspiration for Nacirema.

I also came across a great site and organization, Visions of Peace , with a mission/vision of  “building a communications infrastructure to support global dialogue and pluralism, based on a global social contract   


Obama’s Birth Certificate

Obama’s Birth Certificate

Must Show I.D. for Employment?

Your Papers, Please: What the Real ID Act Means for New York

England Announces National Identity Card

Surrendra Santoki on National Identity

This just what I Need….(for inspiration that is)

This Is just What I Need for Inspiration (Twilight Zone)

Where Is Everybody?


Class among the Nacirema…mmmm, interesting…

So What is or who are Nacirema?

It depends…

A video by NAT GEO ADVENTURE explains one concept

Welcome to the land of Nacirema

The official blog for Nacirema, A multimedia, theatrical performance and experience that will be featured as one of the “Artistic Blind Dates” award recipients through the Source Theatre Festival 2011. Developed and written by Tewodross Melchishua (Filmmaker/Visual Artist), Debbi Arseneaux (Performer) and Martín Gendelman (Musician).

Nacirema is about identity, culture and control, set in a alternative society that is intent on maintaining all levels of control and thought. It is a visual folktale told from the perspective of a young female artist, and incorporates performance with music, visuals, and dance to weave a narrative that encourages the audience to not only participate, but to consider the reality of being a “citizen” and a member of the larger society.

This project is kindly funded through a grant by the Source Theatre/Cultural Development Corporation.