The Performance

Namuha, played by Anne Egseth Olmeti

NACIREMA is a multimedia experience exploring identity, culture and control, weaving a narrative that encourages the audience to consider what it means to be a citizen. Using video, movement and original music, we follow the struggles of a young woman, Namuha, trying to make her way in a tightly controlled hypothetical society.

Director – Debbi Arseneaux
Musician/Composer – Martin Gendelman
Visual Artist/Filmmaker – Tewodross Melchishua

Written by Tewodross Melchishua, Debbi Arseneaux & Martin Gendelman

Featuring performances by:
Anne Egseth Olmeti
Eric Plewinski
Shannon Boyd
with Mark Borden, Jeorge Watson, Shaunte Tabb

Original musical score by Martin Gendelman

Additonal Music provided by Nacirema & Dr. Gonzo, and  Nick Tha 1DA

Video Projection, motion graphics and production assistance by Blaine Menelik, Tierra Green and Candace Shipley.

This project is a completely original, devised performance piece developed over the last few months as an “Artistic Blind Date,” where three artists who had never met before were thrown together and told to go create something. This is the result.

Presented as part of the Source Festival, made possible by a grant from the Creative Communities Fund.

Wed, Jun 15 @ 7pm
Sat, Jun 18 @ 6pm
Sun, Jun 25 @ 3pm
Sun, July 3 @ 6pm

*Each performance will be followed by a brief discussion.

All performances take place upstairs in the Source Rehearsal Studio.

Artistic Blind Date tickets are $10.
Four-play, all-access and VIP ticketing options available.
Tickets are available online:
and by phone at 866.811.4111.

More info on the festival:

Check out the Nacirema blog:

Production Stills and Images:


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